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The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Fashion, Local | Comments Off on The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

By Brock Photography by Charmed Focus Female manikins with button downs and bowties surrounded me in the Mt. Vernon office of Baltimore’s favorite androgynous fashion guru Chase thestylegui Asar owner of C.U.E. Style Consulting (Chic Urban Emo). C.U.E. Style Consulting is dedicated to offering amazing personal services in the areas of event styling, wardrobe consulting, personal styling and tailoring; focusing on men’s fashion for masculine of center women, trans-men, and other gender nonconforming folks. That’s right, I said it! Curves and cufflinks!   “YES I am a woman, but YES I do like to put on a nice suit. And YES, I do like to put on a nice pair of wingtips and feel…. ‘Dapper’.” From pulling clothes for former Baltimore Raven and super bowl champion Ray Lewis, to styling world renowned pianist Cyrus Chestnut, this B Woman has...

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Spotlight Volunteer Vivian Fenton of the Baltimore Cash Campaign

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Giving, Local | Comments Off on Spotlight Volunteer Vivian Fenton of the Baltimore Cash Campaign

Since 2009 Vivian Fenton has been a volunteer with the Baltimore CASH-Creating Assets, Savings & Hope-Campaign a nonprofit dedicated to providing free tax preparation and financial services to low income families in Baltimore. Each year, Baltimore CASH recruits, trains and IRS certifies hundreds of volunteers like Vivian to provide free tax preparation and savings opportunities for thousands of Baltimore families. In 2013, CASH Campaign volunteers provided free tax preparation to over 8,000 families in the Baltimore metro region and helped 250 individuals save over $25,000 dollars in U.S. Savings Bonds. In her four years volunteering with Baltimore CASH, Vivian has helped keep money in the pockets of local residents who need it. Every year, through comprehensive trainings, she earns her IRS Certification to volunteer during tax season (January – April). Vivian can often be found at the entry point...

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Laura and James Tie the Knot

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Local, Weddings | Comments Off on Laura and James Tie the Knot

Laura was born in Georgia, but raised in Frederick Maryland. She completed her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech and then moved back to Maryland to work on her masters degree and took a job as mental health therapist to “at risk” youth in Hagerstown. James was born in Virginia but spent most of his life in Massachusetts. He completed his undergraduate degree and played on the baseball team at Husson University. Once he graduated, he moved back to Virginia and ended up working as a sale representative for Pepsi Cola. Laura and James met at a bar in Laura’s hometown. One night, while trying to watch her annual viewing of the Ten Commandments on ABC, Laura’s roommate, Rheanne “forced her out to dinner and drinks. After some pizza we drove into downtown to one of Frederick’s favorite bars, Brewers...

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The Women’s Growth Center

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Local, Wellness | Comments Off on The Women’s Growth Center

The Women’s Growth Center, founded in 1972, offers individual, couple, family, and group therapy to adults and teens. Located in a warm and welcoming space at 5209 York Road, our feminist collective of therapists takes pride in our 41 year legacy of serving any person interested in personal growth and change. Here, our therapists share their insights about the work of the Growth Center.   What issues and problems are appropriate for therapy? Is therapy limited to addressing illness and symptoms? WGC: First, therapy is not about “fixing” things. Any issue that will contribute to a client’s sense of well-being is appropriate for therapy. Each person struggles with adjusting to difficult circumstances, whether it manifests as anxiety, depression, boredom, anger, distress, or some other feeling. In reality, all people are on a continuum of mental health, with serious mental...

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Interview with Bridget Moore of K&B Bridals

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Local, Weddings | Comments Off on Interview with Bridget Moore of K&B Bridals

Bridget is the founder and owner of both Moore & Co. Event Stylists and K&B Bridals. After years of helping family and friends plan their weddings and events, she knew this was her passion. After completing her degree in Business Management and Marketing, she continued on to get her Wedding Planning Certification to help further her background in wedding planning and design. Her love and compassion for people, as well as her driven, hard working personality shine through to all of her clients. When did you realized you wanted to be a business owner? My first job was working at a party store.  We got to go set up balloons displays and drops at large events.  I got to learn how to run the store as it was small and family owned so they needed me to be able...

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Instant Results for Looking Beautiful & Finding Your Glow

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Beauty, Local | Comments Off on Instant Results for Looking Beautiful & Finding Your Glow

Ever since I was a little girl, I could remember sitting there watching my mother put her makeup on before work.  She was a morning person, always singing, smiling, and hugging all over me.  I remember, thinking how beautiful she looked, and how much she loved her products!  Porcelain skin, and bold green eyes, with long lashes that were breathtaking! I always had a fascination with makeup, most importantly her makeup! Her cosmetic bag filled to the top with Lancôme, Chanel, and also Avon products. I could not wait to get my little hands in it.  I am 41 now, and my hands have been in it for 24 years, doing what I love most “Makeup Artistry.”  My mother was my inspiration, and the journey began with her beautiful face, and now my goal is to touch and inspire...

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