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How to Get Organized for the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 23, 2013 in Home, More | Comments Off on How to Get Organized for the Holidays

Getting organized for the holidays may sound simple enough.  After all, the holiday season comes around at the same time every year.  We know it’s coming, and we generally have the same things to do – shopping for gifts, decorating, wrapping gifts, etc.  However, knowing this and following through without a mad rush at the end is not always easy. Holiday planning and preparation can be a bit chaotic, but in some ways, most us of rather enjoy it.  What we don’t enjoy are the long lines at the department stores, rude drivers who steal our long awaited parking spaces, and family and friends who won’t RSVP to our invitations! One thing we do need to remember is that there are still only 24 hours in a day, and somehow we have to find the extra time to shop,...

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How to Hire a Contractor, Not a Fake

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Home | Comments Off on How to Hire a Contractor, Not a Fake

BE BOLD…..I’m not shy.  I have no problem drilling the people I’m thinking of hiring to do work for me. I have a list of questions for everyone from the plumber to the boy who rakes my leaves. No one escapes me from the long list of questions I require to be answered. The point is, I’m not concerned about sounding like a nagging woman, aka, a Vixen. Why? Because the truth is that drilling down to ensure you are making the right hire is not going to get over on you. Men do it all the time. It’s business. The people you are screening are going to be doing work for you, not a favor. You are paying them to do a job.  And if they don’t welcome the third degree, chances are, something is off. I know...

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B Woman Magazine is Seeking Guest Bloggers!

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Beauty, Dining, Fashion, Giving, Home, Local, More, updates, Weddings, Wellness | Comments Off on B Woman Magazine is Seeking Guest Bloggers!

What exactly isguest blogging? In a nutshell, guest blogging is writing blog posts for other people’s blogs or websites. In return, you get a link back to your website andsome online promotion of your brand. Why guestblog? Tremendous way to build awareness of your brand Network online Develop professional relationships Your brand will reach an audience that has not been exposed to it before We’ll not only expose you on your website, but also on our social media sites! Guest Blogger Guidelines Anyone is welcome to be a guest blogger on B Woman Magazine, but must meet the following requirements to be considered. Relevance –Please propose a topic that is important to our women readers. Content should fall into one of the following categories: fashion, beauty, dining, wellness, interiors, giving, weddings and local things about Baltimore.  All other categories...

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Go Ahead, Fall in Love with Color!

Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in Home | Comments Off on Go Ahead, Fall in Love with Color!

Just imagine how drab life would be without color! Nothing around us but black, white and grays! Wouldn’t such a world be rather bleak? So how do you choose a color scheme? It’s really quite simple, but first you have to fall in love! Fall in love with a painting, wallpaper, an area rug, even a floral arrangement and the color scheme you’ve been searching for will appear! Anything with a pattern, including upholstery or drapery can be the perfect place to start! When developing your color scheme, remember the 60%-30%-10% rule of thumb. Your favorite color should play a dominant role; 60%, while other colors should be proportionate to your dominant color focus. When selecting your color schemes, test your colors by the natural light of day and the artificial light in your home in the evenings. Sometimes,...

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