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Positioning Your personal Brand for Maximum Impact

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Beauty, Fashion | Comments Off on Positioning Your personal Brand for Maximum Impact

Written by: Natalie Jobity We are all familiar with the branding of a product or a company. If I say “Apple” what images come to your awareness? Because of its strong positive brand associations, Apple products are extremely successful, so much so that people will pay a premium just for the privilege of owning an iPhone or iPad. The company has a clearly differentiated brand that hinges on innovation and top notch quality which is communicated at every touch point with the consumer, so that there is no mistaking an iPad from another tablet. Brand positioning is as important for individuals as it is for Fortune 100 companies. Strong public personal brands, including Oprah, Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams and Lady Gaga all have a unique expression that makes them distinct from any other woman.  These women are...

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Quench Dry Thirsty Winter Skin

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Beauty | Comments Off on Quench Dry Thirsty Winter Skin

By Kristen Floyd It’s the time of year when wind can be icy cold, and heat indoors is turned up high.  Both of these extremes can wreak havoc on skin leaving it dry, tight, and begging for moisture.   There are several easy steps you can take to treat your skin with a little extra TLC this winter season.  First, make sure you’re using an appropriate cleanser morning and night; your skin should not feel tight after cleansing.  For more mature skin, or extremely dry skin, a milky creamy cleanser is best.  For sensitive, combination, or even oily skin, an oil cleanser that transforms to gentle foam while cleansing, will remove makeup and impurities yet leave skin with its own natural moisture.  Once you’ve properly cleansed the skin, the next step is a toner.  Toner is an important step; it...

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Clean Makeup Brushes = Clean Skin and Better Application

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Beauty | Comments Off on Clean Makeup Brushes = Clean Skin and Better Application

By Kristen Floyd It’s a New Year, time for resolutions and restructuring.  Clear away the clutter and start fresh and new.  Speaking of clearing away clutter…when is the last time you went through your makeup bag?  When is the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  Makeup has an expiration date, not just in trends, but an actual shelf life.  And makeup brushes can harbor all kinds of bacteria and you can be applying that to your face, over and over on a daily basis.  Makeup brushes should be wiped before/after each use, and thoroughly cleansed once a week.  There are many brands of brush cleansers or cleaners on the market, if they sell brushes; they generally offer a cleanser for them.  There are also several types, a spray cleaner that can be used to clean brushes daily, a...

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Grow a Better Complexion from the Inside Out

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Beauty | Comments Off on Grow a Better Complexion from the Inside Out

Everybody wants to look younger. The parade of new & improved high-tech skincare formulas for those of us on the other side of middle age continues. Even ‘twenty-somethings’ are now getting botox, collagen injections and dermabrasion, in an attempt to look younger than they are. It’s a booming industry. Nothing against all that – it’s a huge self-esteem boost to look your best. But there are easy things anyone can do to look younger and fresher, while being gentle with their one-and-only face. It all starts on the Inside. Because how you look on the surface is a dead giveaway to how healthy you really are underneath. First, know what you’re working with. Skin is a living, dynamic, unpredictable organ – the largest functioning organ of the body. Everything we put onto our skin is absorbed and quickly goes...

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Instant Results for Looking Beautiful & Finding Your Glow

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Beauty, Local | Comments Off on Instant Results for Looking Beautiful & Finding Your Glow

Ever since I was a little girl, I could remember sitting there watching my mother put her makeup on before work.  She was a morning person, always singing, smiling, and hugging all over me.  I remember, thinking how beautiful she looked, and how much she loved her products!  Porcelain skin, and bold green eyes, with long lashes that were breathtaking! I always had a fascination with makeup, most importantly her makeup! Her cosmetic bag filled to the top with Lancôme, Chanel, and also Avon products. I could not wait to get my little hands in it.  I am 41 now, and my hands have been in it for 24 years, doing what I love most “Makeup Artistry.”  My mother was my inspiration, and the journey began with her beautiful face, and now my goal is to touch and inspire...

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Faye Daniel Designs – Creating Life Long Memories for Brides

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Beauty, Fashion, Local, Weddings | Comments Off on Faye Daniel Designs – Creating Life Long Memories for Brides

Faye Daniel Designs, a name that conveys class and elegance, is no different from their line of bridal accessories.  Their motto says it all: “You bring the dress, we do the rest…from head to toe.”  They are every bride’s dream, creating customized jewelry, veils, and embellished belts as well as accessories for the bridal party, including mothers of the bride and groom. Randie McConnell founded Faye Daniel Designs in 2004, fulfilling a dream that began for her in childhood. At the age of 11, Randie was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. To pass the time during her five-week stay in the hospital, Randie’s father brought her a baby bracelet kit, which sparked her creativity and what would become a lifelong passion for the art of accessory design. Being inspired by the fashion industry all of her life, Randie decided to...

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