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Part V. – Transform Your Health- Transform Yourself!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Wellness | Comments Off on Part V. – Transform Your Health- Transform Yourself!

Nothing is ever lost. From every experience, whether perceived as good, bad, or neutral, something can always be gained or learned. In essence, everything we do has the potential to be fertile ground to rethink, re-evaluate and create resilience.   That is our next invisible force: #4- The Ring of Resilience. A circle that feeds on itself             Imagine building your emotional, spiritual, and mental muscles like your biceps? Well, you can…it’s called ‘getting outside your comfort zone!’ Yes- that’s right, stretching beyond your comfort zone and then rebounding will make you stronger in all things. And what better time to strike out into new territory than in the New Year! Also known as pattern interrupt, it is the key to resilience. Think of it like a circle that never ends: Trying new things = learning = growing = self-efficacy...

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Belly Dancing – Showcase Your Female Form!

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in Wellness | Comments Off on Belly Dancing – Showcase Your Female Form!

There has recently been an explosion in fitness options with the surging popularity of new exercise formats such as Zumba ®, Birkram or hot yoga, barefoot running and even pole dancing. But how about trying something older? Much older. We cannot accurately say exactly when or where belly dance originated. However we do know that it was introduced to America during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair by dancers from the Middle East. The dancers did not call it belly dance; their promoter did to make it sound more intriguing to the passersby. In the 1970s, our country saw a resurgence of interest in the dance form on the west coast. Popularity grew into the vibrant belly dance culture we see in the United States today. And belly dance is currently very popular here in Baltimore. Traditionally, belly dance is...

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Positioning Your personal Brand for Maximum Impact

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Beauty, Fashion | Comments Off on Positioning Your personal Brand for Maximum Impact

Written by: Natalie Jobity We are all familiar with the branding of a product or a company. If I say “Apple” what images come to your awareness? Because of its strong positive brand associations, Apple products are extremely successful, so much so that people will pay a premium just for the privilege of owning an iPhone or iPad. The company has a clearly differentiated brand that hinges on innovation and top notch quality which is communicated at every touch point with the consumer, so that there is no mistaking an iPad from another tablet. Brand positioning is as important for individuals as it is for Fortune 100 companies. Strong public personal brands, including Oprah, Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams and Lady Gaga all have a unique expression that makes them distinct from any other woman.  These women are...

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The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Fashion, Local | Comments Off on The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

By Brock Photography by Charmed Focus Female manikins with button downs and bowties surrounded me in the Mt. Vernon office of Baltimore’s favorite androgynous fashion guru Chase thestylegui Asar owner of C.U.E. Style Consulting (Chic Urban Emo). C.U.E. Style Consulting is dedicated to offering amazing personal services in the areas of event styling, wardrobe consulting, personal styling and tailoring; focusing on men’s fashion for masculine of center women, trans-men, and other gender nonconforming folks. That’s right, I said it! Curves and cufflinks!   “YES I am a woman, but YES I do like to put on a nice suit. And YES, I do like to put on a nice pair of wingtips and feel…. ‘Dapper’.” From pulling clothes for former Baltimore Raven and super bowl champion Ray Lewis, to styling world renowned pianist Cyrus Chestnut, this B Woman has...

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Quench Dry Thirsty Winter Skin

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Beauty | Comments Off on Quench Dry Thirsty Winter Skin

By Kristen Floyd It’s the time of year when wind can be icy cold, and heat indoors is turned up high.  Both of these extremes can wreak havoc on skin leaving it dry, tight, and begging for moisture.   There are several easy steps you can take to treat your skin with a little extra TLC this winter season.  First, make sure you’re using an appropriate cleanser morning and night; your skin should not feel tight after cleansing.  For more mature skin, or extremely dry skin, a milky creamy cleanser is best.  For sensitive, combination, or even oily skin, an oil cleanser that transforms to gentle foam while cleansing, will remove makeup and impurities yet leave skin with its own natural moisture.  Once you’ve properly cleansed the skin, the next step is a toner.  Toner is an important step; it...

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