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Connect with women who have the buying power for your products and services!

As Baltimore’s first monthly magazine for women, B Woman Magazine is deeply in tune with how its readers use and consume media – both on and off line.  In turn, we are able to deliver a highly measurable, cost-effective marketing medium for today’s budget-conscious businesses.

Print Edition

Our print magazine is filled with bright, eye-catching, beautiful pages that engage readers.  Printed on top quality glossy paper, B Woman Magazine has staying power.  It graces coffee tables with grand style and its monthly shelf-life ensures an impressive single issue readership.

Digital Edition 

With fully interactive display ads that offer click-through technology, you can carefully track who is reading your message and engaging your business. What’s more, our innovative online publication ensures readers can immediately and repeatedly find what they are looking for, ensuring continuous exposure of your ad, which is always viewable through our archived issues.

Our Mission

B Woman Magazine is a women’s lifestyle magazine that connects high quality readers and advertisers throughout the Baltimore Metro Area.  Our advertisers benefit from the quality and quantity of readers who look forward to reading our magazine every month.  Our readers enjoy reading a women’s publication that delivers quality, depth and meaningful content.

The Publication

B Woman Magazine is a monthly publication that is available in print and online, increasing the readership and exposure of ads.  Our magazine is a full color, glossy publication with a professional look and feel that reflects our quality readers and advertisers.  Our highly desired articles and featured topics intrigue women to feel connected, wanting more, and increasing their desire to share with others.

Our Readers…your customers!

As the local print and electronic medium for professional women in the Baltimore Metro Area, B Woman Magazine carries out a mission to inform, entertain, inspire and educate women in a proactive way. We regularly address matters of importance to women including leadership, health, education, charitable activities and even the latest fashions. Our advertisers appreciate the value of our loyal readership.  Our readers are educated and have high disposable incomes, which is ensured through our high end distribution locations and prevalent through the statistics of our registered readers.  Ranging from ages 25 through 65 plus, our readers reflect a diverse population of single, married, educated and professional women, who make most purchasing decisions in the household.


Copies of B Woman Magazine are strategically placed in high traffic commercial and residential areas each month, and are distributed at several exclusive events.  From retail locations, health clubs, medical centers, and coffee shops – our locations are handpicked to reflect our women readers who love to spend money – who purchase $3 frappes daily, who shop on a weekly basis and who invest in our local businesses.

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