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Part V. – Transform Your Health- Transform Yourself!

Part V. – Transform Your Health- Transform Yourself!

Nothing is ever lost. From every experience, whether perceived as good, bad, or neutral, something can always be gained or learned. In essence, everything we do has the potential to be fertile ground to rethink, re-evaluate and create resilience.   That is our next invisible force: #4- The Ring of Resilience.

A circle that feeds on itself

            Imagine building your emotional, spiritual, and mental muscles like your biceps? Well, you can…it’s called ‘getting outside your comfort zone!’ Yes- that’s right, stretching beyond your comfort zone and then rebounding will make you stronger in all things. And what better time to strike out into new territory than in the New Year!

Also known as pattern interrupt, it is the key to resilience. Think of it like a circle that never ends: Trying new things = learning = growing = self-efficacy = confidence = stronger identity = willingness to try even more new things, and so on.


Identity creates certainty

Hidden in the many chapters of our stories are places to take a second look and see if we could do more, stretch more, be a little uncomfortable for a while to test ourselves. If you branch out and  accomplish new things, your confidence grows; competency builds confidence, and your self- image grows too. Certainty is one of the top human emotional needs, so when you are confident you also create certainty, and that keeps you engaged and actively seeking. Over time, you will build all four energies ( emotional, spiritual, physical and mental)  and get to a level where nothing is out of reach. The world is your oyster!

New Year’s Challenge

Your homework is to pick one area of your life where YOU KNOW you’ve been resting on your laurels and it is clearly not working for you, and do something different- break your pattern. Maybe, go serve Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen, monitor your negative thoughts and consciously pick a counter thought, sign yourself up for a physical challenge/contest, take away your comfort foods and instead meditate, or ( my favorite, because it harder than it looks) take a ‘reading and news fast’ where you turn off all the televisions, newspapers, books, etc. for a week. I challenge you! 

Keep flexing those resilience muscles, and look at your life everyday with fresh eyes, to make sure you are creating opportunity for real growth.  Until next time; I wish you the best. And remember; look up! That is where life is.         


Heather Shreve is a certified Wellcoach ™ (ACSM) certified personal trainer (ACSM), creator of the Drawn Into Wellness™ Platform, author of Caught On The Equator, Finding The Fire Within, and Drawn Into Wellness; Train Your Brain to Create Lasting Change and Doodle Urself to Health for Teens, is a mother of two and has logged 30,000 hours as a fine artist.