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The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

The Androgynous super hero! – Highlighting Baltimore’s most vibrant women in the Arts.

By Brock

Photography by Charmed Focus


Female manikins with button downs and bowties surrounded me in the Mt. Vernon office of Baltimore’s favorite androgynous fashion guru Chase thestylegui Asar owner of C.U.E. Style Consulting (Chic Urban Emo). C.U.E. Style Consulting is dedicated to offering amazing personal services in the areas of event styling, wardrobe consulting, personal styling and tailoring; focusing on men’s fashion for masculine of center women, trans-men, and other gender nonconforming folks. That’s right, I said it! Curves and cufflinks!  

“YES I am a woman, but YES I do like to put on a nice suit. And YES, I do like to put on a nice pair of wingtips and feel…. ‘Dapper’.”

From pulling clothes for former Baltimore Raven and super bowl champion Ray Lewis, to styling world renowned pianist Cyrus Chestnut, this B Woman has had a successful career in a predominately male industry for over ten years. While others in her field were focusing on Baltimore’s gentlemen, this barrier breaking artist was styling women for commitment ceremonies, before marriage was legal in Maryland, and building an essential sanctuary for the GENTLEWOMEN of Baltimore.  

“Some men don’t know how to approach a woman who wants to put on a suit. They don’t know how to fit a woman. Some men feel some type of way about a woman wanting to wear a man’s suit…. I just want to help bring YOU out through your clothing.”

Chase Asar has evolved from the five year old, climbing into her cousin’s oversized Easter suit, pretending to be New Edition, to Baltimore’s Androgynous super hero, encouraging personal development and self acceptance through fashion and style. She has created the Boi to Gui guide for maturing androgynous women.

As a cofounder of the hosting group Artist Block Collective, and writer of Andro-Erotic literature, Ms. Asar is one of many talents. By allowing one art form to feed and nurture the other, she gives birth to new creative fashion trends for us all to enjoy. What better way to bring in the New Year than with this Batimore woman and her fearless and daring new perspective.-BROCK


Anything can be a pocket silk, from fall leaves to tattered pieces of old fabric. BE CREATIVE!