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Q&A with Judy Pressman – Image Consultant Expert

Q&A with Judy Pressman – Image Consultant Expert

Judy Pressman is a certified Image Consultant with twenty-eight years of experience in the Baltimore-Washington area. She has transformed thousands of men and women, both individually and through her seminars. Judy trained with Robert Ponte the Internationally known fashion consultant and legendary pioneer in the industry.

Judy truly loves what she does, and as an artist, she has an incredible eye for fashion and for what will enhance her client’s best features. She also has the ability to totally reinvent a client’s image if that is what they are looking for. Judy’s favorite days are spent shopping with clients, whether it is for a whole new wardrobe or to add key items to an existing closet.

Her work is based on the concept that personal style can be a vehicle to greater success, satisfaction and prosperity. Judy has found that when someone makes an investment in their personal style, whether it is time or updating their wardrobe, it enhances their self-esteem.

Below, Judy provides some fantastic Q&A for this holiday seasons most fashionable trends.


1. What are some of the biggest trends in fashion for the upcoming holiday season?

Right now, tuxedo suits are very popular – a look any woman with confidence can pull off. The world is also mixing a lot of different textures within the same look: wool, velvet and sequence. Lace or textured pants are very popular. You can mix these fabrics and textures by incorporating one into your top and one into your pants. It’s a hot trend you can easily pull off this look this holiday season. Designer “Save the Queen” has a lot of pieces that follow this trend and really work well together.


2. What is your top style advice when it comes to dressing up for this year’s holiday socials?

My main advice is to incorporate your style and your figure with your look. All clothing is not made for the same body types. You should keep this in mind when you are shopping for your ultimate holiday outfit. With the mixing of so many textures this year, you can get away with a lot, but you don’t want to overdo it. Buy one or two different textures and mix it up to keep a sophisticated look at your holiday outings.


3. How do you dress up for the holidays without looking too much like you’re wearing a costume?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to dress like you’re going to a costume party. You can wear holiday colors without over doing it. Winter white with a touch of gold is very chic. You can always mix your look with metallic’s to add accent. You want to minimize the glitz and keep an elegant and sophisticated look.


4. Are there style rules they should be aware of when they’re wearing such bold, shimmery pieces?

When you wear bold and shimmery pieces, you want them to stand out. You must first choose what you want to accent. Do you want to wear a sequence top? Then minimize the jewelry. Do you have a plain dress? Then highlight it with a bold piece of jewelry or wear shiny shoes. You want to minimize one to maximize the other. This creates a sophisticated look without overdoing it.


5. Is it okay for women to use fun Christmas accessories to add a little extra glam to their look?

If you choose to use Christmas accessories to add to your look, do it in a small, subtle way. You do not want to put huge, overwhelming earrings in that scream “It’s Christmas!” If you’re going to wear a Christmas outfit, there has to be a purpose, for example, a crazy sweater contest. My best advice is to refrain from overbearing accessories, and keep it sophisticated. Show your holiday spirit through your cheerful personality and your outfit will do all the rest.


Want more expert advice from Judy? She provides one on one services for finding the perfect outfit, closet fashion clean-out, creating a whole new look, and sprucing up your existing wardrobe with a few key items. Judy’s presentations are lively, energetic and filled with practical insights into how individuals can express their unique personalities and understand the role that appearance plays in achieving goals.