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4 tips to De-stress Your Christmas Holiday

4 tips to De-stress Your Christmas Holiday

So, Christmas is less than 30 days away and each minstrel sounds more like disemboweled chants rather than yuletides, “Mer-ry Christmas, Mer-ry Christmas, fa, la, la, la, la, blah, blah, blah, blah”.  The decorations, the crowds, and the late holiday plans seem to get the best of you but all of your tasks have just begun.  You put extra effort into creating a mental record of the items that you need to accomplish before December 25th. .   There are a number of detailed things on the list and a limited amount of time to do them in.  Being full aware of the time constraints, you are exhausted and sluggish.  What you need now is a jolt of get up and go to put things into action.  There are several outstanding items to complete and take care of before Christmas day, for example the problems with the Christmas dinner menu.  You still need to update it to include a few vegetarian dishes to accommodate the guests that do not eat meat.  Your relatives are flying in for the holiday one week prior to the big day and you are far from prepared to have visitors at your home. You still have grocery shopping as an outstanding item on your list of things to do and you still need to put up the curtains you purchased last month for the spare bed rooms downstairs. 

Last, and most important, you have yet to finish the Christmas shopping for the family the “Giving Games” that normally takes place right after the Christmas dinner.  Most of the kids look forward to playing this game for the gifts and honestly, you normally put lots of thought into each gift idea you purchase.  Besides, the family members have already contributed money to the Gift Giving fund and painstakingly it’s your responsibility to spend the money wisely, to ensure that everyone has a gift on Christmas day.  You are so far from feeling “Merry” at this moment in time especially after barely recovering from hosting the Thanksgiving dinner at your home just the previous month.   How on earth can you honestly think about preparing for Christmas day right now?    Does any of this “nightmare during the Christmas holiday” sound familiar?  

The holiday season can be extreme to say the least.  It can be a very demanding and stressful time for lots of women.  We often find ourselves in holiday frenzy rather than festive due to stress.   All of the obligations, necessities, and preparations needed to support the ideal Christmas day only intensifies the anxiety to have everything work out error free.  A woman’s job is never finished.   Women are such perfectionists; each aspect and element is carefully planned and orchestrated for the perfect day, especially if we are hosting.   Even the strong and well equipped woman cannot overcome everything and with all that we are capable of, most of us are unable to conquer stress.  As a woman myself, I totally get it ladies, so below are 4 tips that, if practiced, will not only help keep you jolly, joyous and festive throughout the Christmas holiday but also make room for you to celebrate your generosity without feeling overburdened and resentful.   

  1. 1.        Be Centered.  Take a moment to meditate on all good things and only focus your energy on those items that make you feel good.  Live in the Now.  Actively engage life right now in whatever you are doing.  Learn to pay attention to what is currently happening and appreciate it on all levels.  Be conscious and recognize the beauty in each and every moment of your life and believe that when you actively engage life, it participates by surrounding you with positive energy. 
  2. 2.       Be realistic.  It’s okay to say no.  Women are multidimensional.  We can be different things to many people; the kids, the husband, our friends, relatives….and the list goes on.  Realistically, we are only one person with many faces and capabilities but we too have limitations.  We are fabulous but we also have boundaries.  Be aware of what those are, personally, and speak up!
  3. 3.       Be grateful.  Slow down and take a look around you.  All of the necessary responsibilities have a way of keeping us preoccupied but remember what this season brings and take the time to be thankful for it all.
  4. 4.       Remember Self.  Don’t forget about you.  Take care of yourself, and call a “time out session” if needed to reboot.  Remember that you know yourself better than anyone else around you. 

Be happy and use my tips to de-stress your Christmas holiday, you deserve it for all that you do.


Merry Christmas Diva’s,

K. Lee Rice